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Charles Ostner

"Charles Ostner, Burial Date - December 9, 1913, "Idaho's Pioneer Artist" In a glass case on the second floor of the state capitol building, there is a gilded equestrian statue of George Washington. Known as the Charles Ostner statue, it was carved from pine over a four year period by an Austrian immigrant who first modeled the piece in snow while working as a miner in the Florence Basin. To obtain Washington's likeness, Ostner used a U.S. postage stamp. He gave the statue to Idaho Territory in 1869; it stood outside on the capitol grounds for sixty five years before it was restored and brought indoors. The legislature granted the sculptor $2,500 for his effort. He also crafted several unique monuments for Pioneer Cemetery which the Idaho Historical Society now retains for safekeeping." --- Morris Hill Cemetery Walking Tour

Ostner kept the bridge over the Payette River in Garden Valley along the "Old Placerville Trail," before selling and moving to Boise City, in Ada County, in 1869. "Much of the work was done at night after a hard day on the farm. His only light a flickering tallow candle held by one of his children." (Mills)

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